Saturday, September 22, 2012

OSR and Jean-Baptiste

Okay so I am reading that there would appear, depending on who you read and believe, to be changes in the OSRsphere.  Some say its dead some say not.  I am not intending to go into any of that here.  All I can say is down here all the early games never went out of fashion.  Perhaps because we were isolated by distance / communication or something else (perhaps we live in another dimension).
             I remember when Vampire and the rest of White Wolf came along, tried, went back to our old games.  Magic the Gathering card game, tried it, but wasn't role playing so we continued playing our old games.  Played in 3 and 3.5, continued the old stories, tried Castles and Crusades, a multitude of other systems and genres and we always seem to return to our familiar old games.  There, from my perspective at least, never has been a time when Basic or First AD&D has not been a go-to-game for me and my crowd, and through the years there have been a lot in that crowd, I guesstimate some 150 + souls have sat at our gaming table in the 30 plus years we've played.  Yep tried the new stuff, might have played it for a while.
            I am obviously missing some point, I don't get the whole deal/argument.  Yeah they stopped publishing each edition, so what, got the books and the imagination.  There is nothing better in any edition from any other, other than personal perspective and I guess that is impacted on what 'age' you grew up in.  That's it for me anyways. No big revelations, just a thought, which probably has been thought and expressed ad infinitum and nausem over the intertubes since they were invented. As Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr said 'plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose'.  Stay well and keep those dice rolling!


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